Saturday, February 19, 2011

Joshi's Holistic Detox: Day Ten (and Liver Flush)

Wow, 10 days down! Almost halfway there. :)

First thing this morning, I headed out to my Weight Watchers meeting, led by the lovely Ashley...

I was down 4.6 lbs! I'll take it!

Funnily enough, my weight this morning (201.8 lbs), was my starting weight when I started going to meetings in November 2009. I lost 20 lbs to reach my 10%, and then slowly gained it back (and then some). I've been fluctuating around this point for awhile.

I think I will take this weight as a fresh start. No more gaining. This detox is a great healthy beginning, and a great motivator to focus in and just do this.

I will start posting my weigh-ins in the sidebar, starting with today's. Note that I reserve the right to quietly take them down without advance warning if it starts to mess with my head though. ;)

Breakfast was small - rice puffs with soy milk.

For lunch, I finished the rest of Friday's Chicken Tikka. I kind of want to eat this every day?

I ate it with a spinach and avocado salad. Yummers!

I decided that today should be a "Me" day. I haven't had a day of fun and relaxing just for me for awhile!

The Me Time began with a haircut and an eyebrow threading. Is it just me, or does getting your eyebrows threaded kind of feel like a bunch of tiny razor blades in your eye region? The results were great though, I think.



One thing I thought was pretty funny - the hairdresser asked if I was in high school! She thought I was 16 or 17 (I'm 25). To be fair, I was literally crying at the time from the eyebrow threading, which probably did bring out my younger side.

I couldn't resist picking up a treat for dinner (various roasted vegetables) from The Big Carrot's deli counter on my way home, because I knew what I had planned for this evening: Joshi's required liver flush, consisting of the following ingredients:

First I had a yummy snack though. Toast with almond butter and honey! With pomegranate green tea.

Sigh. Those moments before the liver flush were a simpler time.

The good thing about the liver flush is that it required me to dig out what was given to me a week ago. Yes, the item from the bag that I teased you about last weekend! Behold:

A juicer!!! My very kind coworker had a spare juicer sitting around that she brought in for me to use! I have big plans for this thing.

Sadly, its first use was for something that would turn out to be so, so wretched. The dreaded liver cleanse.

I juiced about 300 mL of grapefruit and lemon. Then I threw some ginger and one clove of garlic in. I added the 2 tbsp of olive oil.

Not ready at all for what's to come.

I took one sip, almost gagged, then remembered I forgot to dilute it with 200 mL of water. Surely that would fix it?!

Still recovering from the first sip, but willing to try again:

Blech. I only made it halfway through. Any more and I surely would have been sick.

Sorry, Joshi. I love your Detox and I'm sure your liver flush is very healthy and my liver would love it, but I will not be repeating this two more times (the detox calls for one a week). At least I tried, right?!

For dinner, I had some of the roasted veggies I got at the Carrot, along with some brown rice pasta with goat cheese.

Maybe not the most balanced meal (I don't see much protein there...), but cut me some slack! I had to cleanse my liver today, after all...

My Saturday night will consist of knitting and television. I may look like a 16-year-old, but I definitely act more like a 70-year-old. Night all!


andrea. said...

So cute, love the haircut!! I'm really enjoying reading your Joshi posts, I actually picked up the book myself today. I cannot seem to stop eating crap, and also, hmm, I FEEL like crap, so maybe this would be a good 'reboot' for me? We will see!

Can't wait to read about the next ten days! You're doing awesome!!

Enz said...

Love your hair!!!
I only did the liver flush once too.

Anonymous said...

I prefer just having the hair ripped out all at once to the pins & needles effect of an eyebrow threading. Even though it seems exotic.

If you like the chicken tikka, no reason you can't eat it every day. I had a grilled chicken salad every work day for like a year.

I bet there is a more palatable liver cleanse out there, like a cranberry juice based one.

Go, Katie, go! I am enjoying these posts, too.

Katie said...

Andrea - thanks so much! I'm glad you like the posts. :)

Enz - Thanks! Glad to know I'm not the only one who gave up on the liver flush.

Julie - Thank you! The reason I chose threading is because I've heard it's better than waxing - waxing pulls on the skin as well as the hair, and could cause droopinesss? Or something like that...