Sunday, February 27, 2011

Joshi's Holistic Detox: Day Seventeen

Yesterday morning, I pried myself out of my nice, warm bed and faced the cold to get to my Weight Watchers meeting.

Even though I had been down at home on Thursday morning, and I've been following this detox, I had a bad feeling. I just knew that it wasn't going to be a great weigh-in... and I was right.

I was up 0.4 lbs to 202.2! Sigh!!

I was very frustrated at first, and my immediate reaction was to just give up and buy a tub of ice cream or something, since the detox clearly wasn't working. But of course, that wouldn't be very productive.

I reminded myself that no matter what the scale said, I had tracked for two weeks in a row (a feat in and of itself), I worked out 4 times last week (more than usual for me lately), and that's what matters.

Now, in some ways, I feel I've been "abusing" the detox. For example, I'm allowed to have things like rice crackers, almond butter, and honey, but they probably shouldn't be staples (like they have been for me... and honestly, may continue to be). Also, I didn't get much sleep Thursday and Friday, and that always hurts my weigh-ins. Lastly, I could definitely be drinking more water.

So I'll continue on, of course, and I'm confident it will all show up on the scale next week. :)

After returning from my meeting, I made myself a yummy breakfast. Egg whites with onions, spinach and... goat cheese! Yum. I was out of bread so I needed something to make it exciting. ;)

Along with some tea.

Snack of probiotic yogurt with a sliced up banana and honey:

I decided to run out to the grocery store before making my lunch, so I had another snack to hold me over - a rice cake with almond butter.

I decided to make myself really yummy, satisfying meals because I had a party to attend at night, which would be rife with delicious food and alcohol. So, for lunch, I had some delicious veggies from the Big Carrot deli, and I tried sole again.

This time I baked it with some dill and lemon juice. Not bad!

Afternoon snack of rice puffs and soy milk:

For dinner, I made Chicken Tikka again, along with sweet potato fries and some microwaved vegetables. Yum!

Then it was time to get ready for the party!

I'm pleased to say that the party was a total success, detox-wise (and fun-wise!). I drank a lot of water, ate a lot of veggies with hummus and guacamole, and avoided the alcohol/chips/chocolate-covered peanuts. Now, the guacamole had tomato (a Joshi no-no) in it, but I dipped around the tomato (and if I accidentally got a bite of one, I don't think that's a huge disaster). Also, I had some deviled eggs because I figured they were pretty safe. Joshi allows you to eat homemade mayonnaise on the detox so... I just went with it. And they were delicious!

Now, I'm off to try and clean my apartment a bit. I'll be back tonight with Day Eighteen!


Enz said...

You look beautiful, just glowing!
And you know what, the scale doesn't always tally exactly with our WW the end it will catch up. You're almost done..imagine the feeling of accomplishment when you hit that 21st day.

Do not give up now!!!

We're with you 100%.

ChezJulie said...

You look really pretty! Your face looks thinner and you do have a glow.

I am surprised about the weigh in. Have you been eating all your points? Using weeklies? Maybe with the extra exercise you weren't eating enough. Or maybe good ole TOM.

I think it will even out.

Katie said...

Enz - Thank you so much! I won't give up, don't worry. :)

ChezJulie - Thanks! I ate all of my daily and weekly points, and most of my activity points last week... maybe that was the problem... I think it will even out too, though.

Baller said...

lovely picture, hubba hubba!