Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Joshi's Holistic Detox: Day Five

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day!

Mine started off with the detox-endorsed hot water and lemon.

I enjoy these much more than I thought I would!

For breakfast, I had scrambled egg whites with spinach and onions on brown rice toast with vegan margarine. Yummy!

I had packed my lunch up on Sunday night:

Sorry for the weird cut-off picture. I brought lentil pilaf, carrots and hummus, plain yogurt, sunflower seeds, and a banana. I had a long meeting that cut into my lunch break, so I scarfed it all down minutes before my afternoon class.

When I got home from work, I weighed out some walnuts to tide me over until dinner.

I went out for dinner again last night, and again I ordered grilled salmon with veggies! It was delicious and I felt virtuous. ;) I didn't get a picture, though!

I have to say, I think my cravings are pretty much gone. True, when I think about going more than two more weeks without cheese and bread, I get a bit freaked out, but I'm not getting the near-uncontrollable urges I was just last week. That's progress, right?


Anonymous said...

I would sure call it progress! Do you miss the caffeine?

Katie said...

Well, I have been drinking green tea, which has some caffeine, so I think that might be helping my withdrawal from coffee.