Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Self Sabotage

Hello! I hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday :)

I had a not-so-happy Sunday & Monday... I stopped tracking Sunday night, and did not track yesterday either. It was bad, folks. Like, McDonald's bad. Like, McDonald's TWICE bad. Now, I definitely think that it's totally fine to have treats & junk food once in awhile, and my diet will always include the occasional trip to McDonald's! That's why I like weight watchers--it's possible to do things like that.

BUT going way overboard, so that I don't even enjoy the food, and I feel sick to my stomach, is not something I should really do. It's just punishing myself for... what? Being successful?

I had such a good week last week. I know that two days of bad eating does not undo all of my progress, but I'm so sick of having one good week, one bad week, one good week, two bad weeks, etc. I've been hovering around this weight for ages now... and I finally started to push past it... and now this.

Obviously, it's a good thing that last week's meeting topic was emotional eating! It didn't help me out yesterday, but I'm going to start thinking about strategies for next time (oh, and there will be a next time).

I'm back on plan TODAY. I had some delicious steel cut oats & peanut butter for breakfast, and I have Booty Camp tonight. I will drink water like there's no tomorrow, and try to squeeze in a workout on Wednesday. And I think it's time for a green smoothie...


Jackie Callahan said...

Good for you! Here's one of my favorite quotes:
"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up each time we do." Confucious
Good luck and have a great class1

Katie said...

Thanks, Jackie! That IS a great quote. I couldn't agree more!

For me, my success has only been because I kept trying again. :)