Saturday, February 13, 2010


Good morning!! Are you psyched for a great, healthy weekend? I am!

This morning I weighed in at 186.8! A new low! I was down 5.8 pounds. Now, last week I was up 4.6 and didn't dwell on the number, so even though I'm down now, I still shouldn't dwell on the number... because it's not about the scale... right?


But it feels so good to see that "186"! I used to weigh 276, so I'm down almost 90 pounds. I could focus on the fact that I have really lost only 3.8 pounds in the past 9 weeks... but instead I will focus on the fact that I am getting really close to 100 pounds lost.

Today's meeting was awesome. Lindsay was filling in for Ashley, my usual leader, and she was wonderful. We talked about putting yourself first. It was also awesome because I finally met Kate! We both go to Ashley's Saturday morning meetings, but usually at different times. It was great having someone to sit with at the meeting, and then she gave me a ride home! It was so nice to meet her after reading about her inspiring journey on her blog.

Now, every time I have a really good week like the one I just had, I seem to fall off the wagon and have a week where I gain multiple pounds. How will I avoid that this week? Here's the plan:
  • Start off my week with a run, and possibly a workout from the Booty Camp DVD today.
  • Incorporate treats into my plan (I have some great frozen yogurt in my freezer).
  • Get enough sleep (when I'm sleepy, I just eat and eat and eat!).
  • Think of ways to reward myself for reaching upcoming goals (weight watchers 10%, 100 pounds lost). Any suggestions?
Happy Saturday!


K8 said...

It was so great to finnaly meet you!! I'm always happy to have someone to sit with!
It's crazy how close we live to each other!

100lbs lost definitely needs a big reward. I didn't reward myself along the way but I treated myself to my Tiffany's necklace when I got to lifetime. I made sure it was something I wouldn't buy for myself on a regular day!

Katie said...

I saw the necklace on your blog! I'd love to do something like that... I'll have to start saving up! :)