Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Clothes!

So I went shopping today for some new clothes, and I bought a new blouse that I think is pretty flattering... and now I can barely drag myself away from the mirror long enough to write this.

Can you blame me? (excuse the dorky pose, hair, and anything else objectionable in this picture...)

I even look hot all blurry (this is possibly an improvement, actually):

These photos really don't do me justice, haha. I have not mastered the "self-portrait" thing AT ALL.

Now I need somewhere to wear this (preferably somewhere with seating, as I can't really walk in heels)...

I tried on this style of blouse once before, but the largest size (at a different store) was a bit too tight and I looked like a sausage... an attractive sausage, to be sure, but still not the look I was going for.

At Reitmans, I was a size 13 in pants (yay!)... and you'll never guess what size tops I managed to squeeze into (yes, I squeezed)...

At first, I expected (and hoped) to fit into a 13. I also tried on an 11 in a fit of optimism. The 11 was a bit loose... so then I had the audacity to try a 9!!!

A 9!! That's ONE digit, folks!

I'm so used to not even going IN stores that sell "normal" sizes (and, admittedly, Reitmans is a store that always carried my size). When shopping with my friends, I always felt very uncomfortable and out of place. I would worry that they would want me to try things on, and I would have to admit that nothing would fit me.

If anything, I would expect to MAYBE fit into the LARGEST size at certain stores (like the occasional XXL at Old Navy). To be able to buy something that isn't in the largest size is such a weird (and wonderful) feeling!

I also bought this sweater 'cause I really liked the neckline (I'm very tired and haggard-looking today and I also need a haircut, fyi):

My newfound hotness has really inspired me to kick some ass at Booty Camp tonight! My motivation has REALLY been lagging lately, and I haven't been tracking everything, or caring really if I went over my points... from now on, when I need a shot of motivation, I'll just put on some of my hot new clothes!


Glam,Glitz&Gut said...

You look great in your new clothes! Hope you have a rocking booty camp session tonight.

Jackie C said...

Dahhling, you look fabbulous! Keep up the great work! And enjoy those benefits, you worked hard for them!:-)

Katie said...

Thank you, ladies! :)

Vitali's Girlfriend said...


rrr(here it comes)rrrr(get ready for it)rrrrrrachacha!

(I could lay down a series of rachachas but I don't want to monopolize your comments area)

Fatou's Girlfriend said...

p.s. i love your new clothes! the colour of that sweater is really great on you! (some might call it magenta!)