Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Run

Happy Family Day!

I never claim that I stay on plan all the time. In fact, the only reason I've had any success is because I keep STARTING OVER.

Last night, I went a bit overboard and had a few too many treats. I psyched myself up afterwards by planning out my food for today.

This morning, I added up the (estimated) points from last night, and I'm about 9 over for the week. BUT one bad evening does not mean I have to have five more bad days! I'm back at it today, I swear!

I decided to brave the cold for an outdoor run (it's been a couple of months since one of these!) I layered up:

Do my gloves look a little odd? I couldn't find a matching pair (and decided, in the end, not to wear them).

I was all ready for the mean streets of Toronto!

And afterwards, the sweaty proof:

I usually try to run for half an hour without stopping. In order to get myself out the door, I said I would just walk or run as I felt like it. Every time I checked the time, it seemed like I'd only ran a few more minutes. But I just kept going a little farther before actually heading back, and in the end, I made it a full 30 minutes! The end is always tough because I have to go uphill to get home (it always seems like a good idea to start out going downhill...).

I rewarded myself with a green smoothie that was actually green (unlike my usual brownish concoctions):

2 runs in one week (I went on Saturday... indoors)! Yay for me!

How do you get back on track?


Tricia said...

I always attribute my weight loss success (123 pounds down) to the fact that I never "fell of the wagon". Sure I overindulged sometimes, but then I just started fresh the next meal.

Great job!

Jackie Callahan said...

I think just the way you did it is the perfect way of getting back on track: first, forgiving yourself and realizing that it is not the end of the world; that tomorrow is a new day. Also, I think planning out your food for the next day is a great idea, it helps me stay on track when I know what I am doing; and then taking on some good aerobic exercise is great because you sweat out toxins and impurities, but you didn't go over-board with exercise (which would feel like punishment to me). So, I couldn't have done it any better myself. You look great, by the way!

Katie said...

Thanks, ladies! Your comments mean so much to me. :)