Monday, February 22, 2010

I love the smell of chlorine in the morning.

Don't hate me. I currently have Mondays off. It's pretty great.

As of this morning, I had not worked out since last Tuesday. That's 6 days off, people!! Almost a week!! My Thursday Booty Camp class was cancelled because our instructor was sick. Instead of doing another workout in its place, I... didn't. And I didn't exercise all weekend (unless you can call eating multiple heaping bowls of cereal exercise).

Yeah, did I mention that I went way over my points this weekend, too? I really struggled yesterday. But, I'm very relieved to find out that my lack of desire to eat well OR work out was short-lived, and today I was feeling like myself again.

I decided to work up the nerve to go swimming at a nearby community centre. I've felt an urge to go swimming for WEEKS, but never managed to drag my butt to the pool. But today was different! I found the pool without any trouble, and made my way to the slow lane. I stayed there for a little while, but then brazenly moved over to the medium lane! I did about 20 (slow, lazy) lengths after a brief warm-up. I didn't try to get an intense workout, I just treated it as a nice, relaxing, enjoyable swim.

After my swim, I went to the grocery store right by the pool (it's fancier than the one I usually go to). I found some steel cut oats, which they didn't have at my grocery store yesterday, and a few other things. I also saw a product that was a mixture of peanut butter and white chocolate, from Peanut Butter & Co!! I really really wanted to buy it, but I gave up junk food for Lent and decided that qualified. But come Easter, watch out!!

I ALSO saw a coupon for this Liberte Greek Yogurt that everyone is blogging about lately--but could not find the actual yogurt!! In my zeal to find it, I managed to knock over a stack of yogurt and split open a container, spilling yogurt everywhere. Oops. Luckily, the man who had to clean it up didn't seem too angry, and told me the greek yogurt would be in on Wednesday.

I came home and made a delicious lunch! I bought some salmon yesterday that I wanted to try:

While it was cooking, I ate a huge salad. It had cucumbers, grape tomatoes, avocado, mixed greens, spinach, and feta cheese. I'm not usually a salad person, so when I do have one, I need a lot of "extras." In retrospect, I think this one had too much going on, though!

Then, the salmon was ready! I had it with broccoli and cheese sauce. Delicious!

Pilates tonight! My workout break is definitely over!


Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

That salmon looks delicious!

Katie said...

It WAS delicious! :)