Thursday, February 4, 2010

Obligation-Free Day!

Today I had no obligations! No work! No anything!

This morning, I was tempted to "give up" on trying to eat well because I've "failed" this week already and will surely gain weight on Saturday. I devoured a granola bar just to have something sweet with my coffee, which is what triggered my near-derailment. I came very close to eating the pizza pockets I have in my freezer (why do I have pizza pockets in my freezer????), but I didn't!

I haven't yet made the list of ways to avoid emotional eating that was suggested at my weight watchers meeting last Saturday. But I can share with you the things I did with this day off to avoid eating everything in the cupboard!

I decided to really have a good start to my day by trying some yoga (I do not have much yoga experience). I found a free beginner video on, moved my coffee table, and got my mat out. But then I didn't really like it (um, well actually, it was more strenuous than I was expecting and I didn't want to "use up" my strength before boot camp haha) so I stopped after a few minutes and just did some stretching on my own.

Then I went for a walk around the block! Do I look refreshed?

(I took four pictures and that was the best one...)

I came home with a plan to make some chocolate chip banana muffins from one of my fave cookbooks: Rose Reisman's The Complete Light Kitchen.

But to my shock and dismay, I had no white flour! I was not in the mood for substituting whole wheat flour (I'm not a pro baker, and I didn't really want to experiment today), so the muffins went on hold. I had intended on making a green smoothie while the muffins were in the oven. I had to go straight to the smoothie:

It featured cooked spinach, half a banana, pomegranate juice, orange juice, and frozen strawberries. Yum!

I phoned my mom to see if she wanted to go to Canadian Tire with me to get an immersion blender and coffee pot (my coffee pot works, but each time I use it I risk electrocution. My mom says I'm not allowed to use it anymore). She was free, and also had some white flour to bring me! While I was waiting for her to show up, I watched some clips of Say Yes to the Dress online and had another snack.

It just looked so delicious I had to take a picture! Plain yogurt with an orange. Lately I've been having fruit mixed in plain yogurt a LOT. It feels like such a treat!

After going to TWO Canadian Tires and a Zellers (and a Home Depot, but they didn't even have small appliances), I ended up with zero coffee pots. I did however, get this:

I am SO SO SO excited about this. It's still in the box though, because when I finally got home from the shopping expedition, it was time to get to Booty Camp! I went early to get my measurements taken again. The muffins will have to wait until tomorrow.

Booty Camp was great tonight! I really pushed myself. Also, I was particularly happy about one of my measurements - they used calipers to measure the body fat on my upper arm, and it had gone down by 5... units... I don't really know what those numbers mean, and I feel like my original measurement may have been inaccurate (because that seems like an impossibly big difference), but I feel good about it all the same. My weight was higher though, haha.


Megs said...

Koko, i LOVE your refreshed picture, you look so excited!

also, your post was unclear, is there a coffee pot shortage in the GTA or are you just an extremely picky human when it comes to selecting small appliances?

Katie said...

Well, it was really just a problem at one of the Canadian Tires... they didn't have the model I wanted on their shelves, and they checked the computer and supposedly had 8. So they "looked for them" for at least 20 minutes, and didn't find them... I was not happy.