Friday, January 29, 2010

Keeping Things in Perspective

I've been feeling nervous about my weigh-in tomorrow.

Part of the reason I like this blog is that it keeps me accountable. Knowing that I have people reading about my attempts at healthy living is just another reason to live healthfully. But I'm also nervous that I will "fail" and people will think I'm a flake--that it appears I don't follow the program, and then I complain when I gain weight.

I know that one weigh-in, one number on the scale, does not mean anything. One of my favourite blog posts is from Bitch Cakes: back in 2007 (I discovered the post when I read through all of her archives a few months ago) she wrote how it's not all about the scale. I especially love the way she explains that she would rather have a "false gain" (gaining after a week where you ate well and felt good) than a "false loss" (losing weight by fluke).

No matter what I weigh tomorrow morning, I am very proud of the week I had.

I exercised a lot: I went to both of my Booty Camp classes and my Pilates class, and I also did the Booty Camp at-home workout (I did the beginner level). I am about 10 points over my weekly points, but I did track everything (this is the first week that I properly tracked the milk I put in my coffee and tea, for example). So, to be honest, this is probably one of my better weeks, points-wise.

In other news, I am SUPER SORE today from boot camp last night! For the first time since the new year, I took the elevator at work (to the third floor). My legs just couldn't handle the stairs! Also, I don't think my abs have EVER been this sore. Ever. Last night was definitely the toughest class yet. We used the agility ladders (after we did about 7 million butt exercises) to do some cardio, and I could hardly hobble through them. But hobble I did, and I felt invincible afterwards. :)

(P.S. Tonight, the moon is the brightest it will be all year. Mars is also bright tonight, just to the left of the moon. Looking at the night sky can also put a weigh-in into perspective!)


Jackie Callahan said...

I so agree that the numbers are so much less meaningful than how we feel - on a physical, emotional and psycological basis. You had a great week: you didn't eat compulsively, you were mindful of what you ate, and you got lots of exercise that made you feel that you had accomplished something. What more can we ask for? You Go Girl!

Fatinah said...

I'm actually just leaving now to go weigh in..... I know what you mean about being nervous. I want so badly to go step on my home scale so that I can be prepared, but that just plays worse games with my head!!

people read your blog to hear about the journey - not the perfection. where would the fun be in that??

Katie said...

Jackie - Thank you so much! You go too! :D

Fatinah - I definitely stepped on my home scale a couple of times this week... and I agree about the head games! I should store it where I can't see it all the time.