Saturday, January 9, 2010


Every Saturday morning around 8:00 am, I leap* out of bed in excitement.

Only one thing could get me out of bed that early on a weekend: my Weight Watchers meeting, led by the wonderful Ashley! And today we got free samples of the cookies and cream minibars! Yum!

This week, I lost 7.2 pounds.

I know, I know... that's SHOCKINGLY high. It's like Biggest Loser high (did you see that guy lose 30 pounds this week!?).

Let's put that number in context: last week I GAINED 6.6 pounds. So really, in the past 2 weeks, I've lost, overall, less than one pound. Now, that number is a bit more sane.

My body has an amazing ability to fluctuate. I swear, once I lost 8 pounds overnight. NO JOKE.

I was really happy I had the same lady weighing me in as last week so I could show her that I'd lost what I gained... last week I was so embarrassed to weigh in. It's the closest I ever came to missing a meeting (but I never seriously considered missing it). I know that a lot of people gain over the holidays but like... almost 7 pounds! In 9 days! It's practically IMPRESSIVE!

But do you know what's MORE impressive??? Losing 7.2 pounds in one week. Bam!

The only problem is that it reduced my daily points from 26 to 25... how will I survive??

Also: if we go by my (slightly overestimated) height of 5' 10'', I am 15.2 pounds away from being in a healthy weight range. I honestly never thought I would be a "normal" size. And I've reached a total of almost 90 pounds lost! 86.8 to be exact. Compared to that, 15.2 seems like NOTHING. And, at this rate, it should only take me a couple of weeks, right? Right?!

*slowly lurch

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