Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tofu Tomato Sauce

I had an amazing meal yesterday. In an effort to stop wasting food, I decided to round up all the veggies at the bottom of my fridge before they rotted. I had plans for a mediocre stir-fry (seriously, that was the best I could come up with. Not even a GOOD stir-fry).

I chopped up zucchini and red pepper and started frying them in a bit of olive oil.

Then I had a brilliant idea: tomato sauce! I added some garlic and onion. Thankfully, I remembered the tofu in my fridge! In it went:

I threw in the last of an old jar of tomato sauce, and some salsa for good measure.

The only problem was I didn't have any pasta I particularly wanted to eat. I have some old "rustic" rotini that tastes funny, and some tortellini that I wasn't in the mood for. I also had, however, two boxes of lasagna noodles (one of which is whole wheat)...

That is, sadly, the biggest pot I have.
I cut the lasagna up into smaller pieces after it was cooked. (I took no pictures of it mixed with the sauce, however...)
I just ate leftovers for dinner tonight. Delicious! I also finished the GIANT box of spinach I bought awhile ago, thanks to my daily green monster smoothies.


In other news, I may have a ghost! Last night, I was sitting at home when I heard my doorbell ring. I peeked out my window (safety first!) and there was nobody there. I opened the inside door to my apartment to see if it was my upstairs neighbour, and while I was doing so, my doorbell rang AGAIN.

I peeked out the window again... still nobody there!!!!

A few minutes later, I listened at the door and heard a child coughing, so I bravely opened my front door in case it had been a child that I couldn't see out the window ringing my bell (the last time I got scared from my doorbell ringing, it was a little old woman). My porch was deserted (the child was at the house next door).

Spooky!!! So now I'm worried that I'm insane and my doorbell didn't ring at all.

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