Friday, January 22, 2010

Special Delivery & Fancy Night Out!

Hey folks! I actually have some readers now!! The pressure is ON! :)

Yesterday, I spent most of my day sitting around, waiting for a certain delivery (can you guess what it is? If so, you must be psychic, because I haven't mentioned it on here yet...). I also got ready for the Opening Night Party of the Interior Design Show in the Metro Convention Centre!!

My mother is a ceramic artist, and was accepted to be an exhibitor in Studio North (a feature exhibit at the IDS). I'm so proud! If you're near the Convention Centre this weekend, the IDS is a great show (you can say hi to my Mom--and maybe you'll see me, too!)

My sister and I attended the swanky opening night party with her. It was amazing! One of the best/worst things was all the free, amazing food & drinks (they had drinks you could pay for, too, but there were also booths with free beer tastings and such). I'm not gonna lie, I definitely indulged. I was on my feet the whole time though, but probably not enough to counteract all the delicious food (including a cookie on a stick!)

But, back to that special delivery I mentioned...
It's a wanigan! Wanigan is a company that delivers fresh fruits & vegetables to your home. I've been interested in this for awhile, but I finally ordered the "Metro Wanigan" this week.

The website describes it as follows: "A well balanced assortment of colourful fruits and vegetables, this Wanigan is for households looking for nutrition, variety and value. Enjoy 8 to 12 different items of which at least 3 are certified organic, at least 3 are locally grown and 4 of the 5 colour groups are always represented." Mine included a tomato, carrots, celery, oranges, apples, broccoli, leaf lettuce, spinach, potatoes, a mango (!), and bananas! I also ordered a red onion a la carte.

Look how sad my fruit bowl was before my wanigan delivery:

Look at it now! (Notice how the avocado has been tossed aside to make room for the newer, more exciting fruit.) I forgot to include the potatoes in the picture above, so here they are, too.
I'm going to see how long it takes me to work my way through this (I'm hoping it will encourage me to eat more vegetables), and I may start having a wanigan delivered weekly or biweekly. Fun!


Jackie Callahan said...

Great idea. Here in the (sort of) country we can buy into a veggie co-ops were you pay a flat rate at the beginning of the season ( I think it's around $365.) and they deliver fresh vegetables to your door all season long. I've been wanting to do this for ages, but the stiff cost (not really if you figure it out)has made me procrastinate about this. Unfortunately, I don't have enough sun anywhere on my property to grow my own.
But good for you! Now buy yourself a nice cookbook and you will definitely increase your veggie intake! I love your blog!

JW said...

This is really cool. I think it's also a really good way to bypass one's own "tendencies" to choose the same things every time -- not saying you have that tendency, but it's an interesting way to introduce some randomness and get more of your bases covered.
The avocado looks quite lonely though.

Katie said...

Jackie - Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it :)
That veggie co-op sounds really cool!

JW - I totally agree (about the tendency to buy the same things every time). And don't worry about the avocado... hmmm, I was about to tell you it was back in the fruit bowl, but I just remembered I ripened it in a paper bag and then didn't want to eat it yet so it's in the fridge now. So yes, it may be lonely.

Megs said...

Hey Katie, I've expanded my stalking to include your mom's website. I'm super impressed, she has some very cool things. It got me to thinking, if I dig up some clay in my backyard, extract some natural veggie and fruit dyes and bung it all together will it make something as pretty as her stuff? hehe just kidding, perhaps when I am a grown up and can control my magenta tendancies I will be able to buy some of her nice things. peace!

Katie said...

Megan - Haha, one day (maybe after I give you your giraffe mittens) I'll give you a piece of her pottery...