Sunday, January 24, 2010


Today (I guess it was yesterday, actually--I'm up late!) I was down 0.8 lbs. I'll take it! I had a pretty spotty week, to be honest, and I was nervous that I would gain again (last week I gained 2.6). I'm actually higher right now than I was on Christmas Eve, which is disappointing... maybe two weeks ago, when I lost all the weight I gained over the holidays, I hadn't really lost it?? Maybe that weigh-in was a fluke, and it's just (slowly) coming off now??

Since I HAVE been very spotty lately following the plan, and since I now have this blog holding me EXTRA-accountable, I decided I needed some new motivation:
The 2010 basic member kit! I'm already totally in love with the Canadian Dining Out Companion. Some of its contents are quite horrifying. For example, some of the large blizzards at Dairy Queen (which I have definitely eaten before) are over 30 points each (to put that in context, I am allotted 26 points for the entire DAY). Yikes! We also got free samples of the Weight Watchers vanilla smoothie mix. I'm excited to try it!

I'm really spurred on & motivated to have an AWESOME week with lots of activity. Also, at our meeting today, we were very lucky to have a special guest: a leader-in-training who has lost 140 pounds! Before the meeting (and before I knew her story), she struck up a conversation with me and gave me some much-needed encouragement. Then she shared her success story with all of us--very inspiring stuff!

To kick off my SUPER ON-TRACK WEEK, I made a veggie-packed pizza. Under that mozzarella cheese is a thick layer of greens: some kale, green pepper, and broccoli (as well as onions and garlic). It was delish! I calculated that 1/4 of the pizza was 3 points (and that is a BIG dinner plate that it's sitting on).

My motivation continued tonight at my sister's birthday party (post to follow).

Also coming soon: a bit of my weight-loss history, including some before & after (during? I'm not done yet!) photos.

Hope you're all having the loveliest of weekends!!!

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