Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Lunch Bag Debut!

A few months ago I decided it was time to buy a lunch bag. I was bringing my lunch to work everyday, and I wanted my food to have a nice home.

I opted for a cheap, functional lunch bag without too many frills. But my lunches are quite large (and this bag was quite cheap), so within a few days, it developed a hole (which, I can only assume, negatively affected the insulation).

I kept using it for a couple of months, but on Friday, I finally upgraded to a more fashionable model:

Today, my lovely new bag made its debut! Yesterday I did a lot of food preparation because I knew I would be eating lunch AND dinner in a hurry. I needed to bring a substantial lunch to work, and also have dinner ready to scarf down during the 15 minutes or so at home between work and Booty Camp. (This isn't my regular Booty Camp night, but I can't make it to my usual Thursday session this week).

I swear, my lunches aren't usually this colour-coordinated! I brought plain yogurt with frozen peaches in it, some leftover curry with brown rice, a granola bar, and my bottle of water to work with me. I also had leftover (healthy!) pizza from last night and an apple prepared to grab for dinner. (The pizza had a whole-wheat crust that I bought, and I put kale and onion and green pepper and soy pepperoni and cheese on it! DELICIOUS!)

Yay! My lunch finally has a new home! Honestly, I know it's dorky, but things like this make me excited (and more motivated to pack a good lunch).

What's in your lunch bag?


Diana said...

Oh, this makes me sad...because right after Christmas I bought the most beautiful lunch bag. It was a read and black plaid with patent leather trim. It was so gorgeous! And it was so different it was easy to spot in the kitchen fridge at work.

I took it to work only one day. I forgot it and left it in the fridge. It was fridge cleanout day by the janitors. Everything gets tossed, they save nothing! The end of my beautiful lunch bag. Now I want a new one after looking at yours. :)

Katie said...

Oh no!! That is such a sad story!

I hope you get a new one soon! :)