Saturday, April 24, 2010


I was down 2.2 this morning! 183 pounds - a new low! :)

This means:
  • I am officially in the LOW 180's
  • I am only 1.2 pounds away from my 10% key ring!!
But EVEN BETTER than having a good number on the scale is the fact that I have had an amazing 2 weeks in a row on plan.

Not just tracking while still going over points.

Not just being super-careful for the last few days of the week to salvage a few days of eating too much.

But TRACKING and STAYING WITHIN MY POINTS for two weeks in a row! And I feel like I'm really in a groove. My willpower is on fire! Honestly, I was really wavering for a couple of months there. I'm worried about jinxing it by telling you, but I feel really good about my ability to stick with this lifestyle right now. I feel like I'm actually listening to my hunger signals - and guess what - I'm not always hungry! Who knew?!

I am determined. I will stay on track and reach my 10%, and then reach 100 pounds lost (7 pounds away!), and then reach my Weight Watchers goal weight. Watch out!


Lindsay said...

Love your blog and love your weight loss even more!!! Way to go girl!!! I know how hard it is to loose weight. As i have lost 112 pounds and and hoping to get 25 more off!

Katie said...

Thanks, Lindsay! 112 pounds is incredible!!

Seth said...

Way to go! 2.2 lbs is awesome!

Enz said...

You rock. Great job!

Katie said...

Thank you, everyone!