Sunday, April 25, 2010

Operation: Buff Week 3

It's hard to believe that 3 weeks of Booty Camp have already gone by! I've been sticking to Operation: Buff really well, in my opinion! :)

How did I do this week?

Well, my goals are to have 2 workouts in addition to my 2 booty camp classes, as well as have some greens every day. This week, I had a smoothie or salad every day except today (I'll make up for it tomorrow, I swear)! Here are my workouts from the past week:
  • 15 minute run + 15 minute speedwalk on an incline (Monday)
  • 2 Booty Camp sessions (Tuesday & Thursday)
  • Zumba class (Wednesday)
  • 60-minute At-Home Booty Camp-style workout with a friend (today, described below)
I think I'm really kicking some ass with my activity! I would call this week a TOTAL success.

Today, I visited the friend that takes Booty Camp with me. We had planned to do the DVD together, but then she had the brilliant idea to design our OWN Booty Camp-style workout. It was great (and intense)!

We did a few minutes each of squats, lunges, upper body (with MANY tricep dips), butt, abs, and various cardio bits thrown in. We timed things a la Booty Camp as well. Coming up with it ourselves, and doing it together, was much more fun than doing the DVD on our own.

After our intense workout, she made a batch of cornbread and we finished the whole thing ourselves... but I'm sure it all balanced out. ;)

This week, I have plans for lots more fun activity, including some new classes at my new gym! I'll keep you all posted!

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Megs said...

you GO girl :D