Thursday, April 8, 2010

Buff It Up

I started Booty Camp again on Tuesday. My friend and I went in feeling cocky: "It's only the first class, it won't be that hard." "I hope it's not too easy." We were expecting something along the lines of the first class back in January, and after being through 8 weeks of Booty Camp (and then one month off), we thought we would be fine.

Well, my friends, it was NOT too easy. It was brutal! I was beyond sweaty by the end of it. My butt and thighs are still super sore, two days later.

Our instructor reminded us that to see the results we want, we need to do the DVD once a week, as well. I started thinking about this. During my last session of Booty Camp, I did the DVD a few times, but not regularly. I usually did work out at least one extra time each week (besides Booty Camp), but not as much as I could have. So, I challenged my friend to do the third DVD workout each week with me (but not physically... our schedules don't sync up THAT well).

I want to kick it up a notch! I really need to push myself out of my comfort/lazy zone. Here is my plan:
  • 2 Booty Camp sessions per week (Tuesday & Thursday)
  • 1 at-home strength workout (Booty Camp DVD or 30-Day Shred), at least 40 minutes per week (Saturday or Sunday)
  • 1 cardio workout, at least 30 minutes per week
  • green monster OR a big salad every day (if I get my greens in, much of my diet seems to fall into place...)
I finish this session of Booty Camp in four weeks, on April 29. I may continue for the second four weeks (I would like to), but I'm not sure yet if my schedule will permit it. So I will say, for now, that this challenge ends on Sunday, May 2. I will call it...

My rewards for completing this challenge:
  • probably a magazine subscription (I've never had one but always wanted one)
  • ultimate buffness
If you want to come up with your own Operation: Buff and join me, feel free!


andrea. said...

Oooh, me too me too!! :) I too started back up with Booty Camp and am going to try to do the DVD once a week (plus extra push-ups and planks on another night). Unfortunately I also have my 10K to train for soooooo I will also be doing one 'long' run a week, one short run, and one night of sprints. Hmmm, I will have to look at how to schedule this, but I know I can do it! Heck, it's only 4 weeks, right?? :D

Katie said...

wow, I don't think there are enough days in the week for all of that! You are going to be BEYOND buff if you pull it off!

I have total faith in you! :)

Hmmm, now I feel like what I'd planned is so inferior! ;)

K8 said...

I'm so jealous of all you boot camp girlies! I wish my schedule wasn't so all over the place! But I'm going to try and get into one of the summer session...

I see that you have already replied yes to our GTG! Woohoo! Guess you don't need me to send you an evite :)

Enz said...

Everyone is doing bootycamp - I'm jealous...but I think I might be too chicken ;)

I love your new layout by the way!

So glad you are coming to our GTG :)

andrea. said...

No no no, yours is not inferior, I am just crazy! Ha ha! I made up a schedule and it looks ok I just need to double up on a couple of days. Then once the 10K is over, it's back to sloth. :)

Katie said...

K8 - YES I've already replied to the GTG! I'm super excited!!! :)

Enz - Thanks! It took me way too long to try and make a header... I'm so glad I'm coming to the GTG too... nothing better come up between now and then!

Andrea - I can't wait to go back to sloth! haha ;)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with Operation Buff!!

Katie said...

Thanks, Lynn!