Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spinning Class & Breakfast Disappointment!

A few weeks ago, I received a free pass in the mail to Legacy Indoor Cycling. While trying to plan ahead my workouts for this week, I realized that I really needed to squeeze one in on Monday, so I went to the 6:45 am spinning class!

I knew that if I got up early and worked out, I would be more productive all day (I didn't have to go into work, but I had a lot to get done at home). I set my alarm for some ungodly hour and tried (without succeeding) to document it for you all:

I was attempting to show the free pass AND the time. I gave up trying to get a good picture pretty quickly (hey, it was before 6 am!)

After showing up a bit too early, I waited on the street (cold) for the studio to open. Finally, the instructor arrived. Only one other woman showed up for class (evening and weekend classes are apparently the more popular ones).

I did really like the studio. The class was pretty good too. I hadn't been spinning in about a year, so I was nervous. At one point during the class, the instructor said to me "You've done this before!!" which made me feel good about my performance!

The music wasn't my favourite, and I missed my old spinning instructor (at my university gym), but I got a great workout and felt good all day - AND, he gave me two more free passes so I could come back with a friend! I'm excited to go back when it's busier, and try a different instructor.

I had kind of made a deal with myself that if I managed to get up and go to this class, I would get a Tim Hortons breakfast sandwich afterwards.

I have not had a Tim's breakfast sandwich in awhile! I used to eat them far more frequently... and I would often get two (pre weight watchers). (Hmmm, when I think about habits like that, it's not too surprising I was 276 pounds.)

I walked to the closest Tim's, which turned out to be THREE subway stops away (I could have sworn it wasn't that far)!

So after my spinning, I had a fair walk to get my sandwich (I really felt I had earned it). I distinctly ordered it on a biscuit (clearly my favourite part). I hopped on the subway to get home, anticipating my wonderful breakfast awaiting me.

I got home and opened the package, only to find...

an ENGLISH MUFFIN. I was SUPER upset (I know, it's not a big deal, but I was soooo looking forward to it)! Anyway, I got over it, and decided to look on the bright side: it wasn't as many points as the biscuit would have been! But my craving has not yet been satisfied! Maybe next week...

Annnnnnd I just signed up for the May session of Booty Camp! So I am extending Operation: Buff to 8 weeks. Man, I'm really going to need a massage after all of that exercise!

I'm really excited to weigh in on Saturday morning because I KNOW I am totally rocking this week. Don't you love that feeling???


K8 said...

Oh my goodness. Are weeks are identical. Well in two aspects, I too went back to spinning, after a long absence....

and more excitingly... I also FINALLY signed up for BootyCamp!!! WooHoo! So excited!

Glam,Glitz&Gut said...

You're like a Booty Camp pro!! Hope your weight in goes well on Saturday. :o)

Katie said...

Kate - that's SO exciting about booty camp!

Erin - Thank you! :)