Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fight Back

Tomorrow morning at 8 am (meaning a 5 am wake-up time for yours truly), I have around 50 students writing an exam. Out of the goodness of my heart, I held some drop-in office hours this afternoon. Because I am incredibly kind, I bought lots of chocolates this morning for my poor, hardworking students (I envisioned a fun group-study-session-type-thing).

I think you know where this is going.

Two students showed up! Two! Leaving Katie alone with lots of chocolate for the better part of two hours. (Chocolate that went really well with the large coffee I was nursing).

Figuring it can't be that many points and I would make up for it with a tiny dinner, I ate some. I tracked it. I thought about how well I've been doing recently, and how this could be my third week in a row staying within my points.

I thought about how close I am to reaching my Weight Watchers 10% (1.2 pounds away) and how close I am to reaching 100 pounds lost (7 pounds away). I didn't want to go over my points for the week just because of some stupid chocolates. Instead of giving up on a great week, I decided to fight back and earn some activity points!

I quickly looked up class schedules at my new gym and spotted Body Combat at 6:45. I was not planning on working out tonight (did you hear I have a 5 am wake-up tomorrow?), but I rushed home after work, polished off my shiny new gym membership, and was on my way.

Body Combat was GREAT and my energy is still through the roof! I'm feeling SO PROUD that I combatted (get it?) my unplanned chocolates (and my unplanned latte and nature square from Second Cup this morning...) with an unplanned workout! And not just any workout - a new class that took me out of my comfort zone! AND I was right up in the front row, messing up the combos for all to see. :)

I'm off to try and unwind before bed! And hopefully wash my only good pair of workout pants so they can dry by Booty Camp tomorrow night...



Vegemommy said...

Keep up the good work! There's always a way to work anything in, else what would be the point. Life without chocolate, I think NOT! :)

ChezJulie said...

Great way to turn it around! AlSo?, students don't know what's good for them!

Katie said...

Vegemommy - I completely agree!! Thank you so much. :)

ChezJulie - it's so true about students!! Sometimes I just want to shake them, haha.