Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Run

Last week, I made my first ever purchase from lululemon: the Run To Work backpack. It was on sale, and I'd been looking for a way to carry things while running... and I figured, if it was too uncomfortable to wear while running, I could use it for biking or walking instead.

I live near Taylor Creek Park, and for awhile I've been wanting to run there. I hadn't gone yet, though, because it's far enough away that I wanted to be able to bring my wallet, cell phone, and some food with me (always be prepared!). With my new backpack in hand (er, on back?), I set out on Sunday. I took the bus there (I didn't want to wear myself out walking over) and packed a lunch for afterwards.

I'm not gonna lie -- the backpack was pretty annoying to run with. But I persevered and made it through a full half hour. Some pictures:

I tried to sit at these empty benches, but discovered (too late) they were surrounded by super-marshy grass!

Stairs up to Stan Wadlow Park

Funny-looking hair!

Then, I ate my lunch in the "Big Park" (my family lived in this neighbourhood until I was 7... we had a Big Park and a Little Park nearby), better known as Stan Wadlow Park: egg white & cheese wrap, carrots, and chocolate pudding (which I didn't end up eating).

Rather than take the bus again, I walked allllll the way home (past my family's old house!). It took me a good 40 minutes!

Lots of activity points to TRY and balance out some Easter goodies later that day:

I hope you all had a nice Easter!

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