Monday, April 5, 2010

Weigh-In Frustration

I had plans to go out dancing with some friends on Friday night (which I don't do often), so I was determined to weigh in Friday morning and avoid trying to make it to my usual Saturday morning meeting.

I had checked the Weight Watchers website and there was no mention of meetings being cancelled on Good Friday (even though several locations mentioned they were closed Easter Sunday), so I assumed meetings were on. I got up early on Friday and arrived at a meeting only to find... nothing. No meeting.

I went home, feeling pretty annoyed. I was all set to weigh in (I felt super light, too). I looked online to see if any other meetings were possible.

I will spare you all of the frustrating details, but I made a lot of phone calls (to Weight Watchers and various stores in a mall that had a Friday meeting to see if the mall was open -- this should have been easy to find out but it wasn't) and after a lot of answering machines I decided that all the meetings were probably cancelled. (I know it's probably obvious that there wouldn't be a meeting on Good Friday, but I was annoyed it wasn't listed explicitly on the website, like other holidays were--if it was, I would have gone to a meeting earlier in the week).

On Friday night, I ate some delicious homemade fish and chips. I drank some alcohol. I danced up a storm. I had some post-bar chicken shawarma at 4 am.

And I managed to get up early and get across town (I was sleeping at my friend's house in the west end) to the 10:30 am meeting at The Big Carrot. I am committed!!

I was down 0.4! I am so, so happy with this. Obviously, I did a lot of my splurging right before weighing in... but overall, it must have been a pretty good week to balance that out somewhat!

My goals for last week were:
  • at least 3 workouts (Check!)
  • measuring and tracking food accurately (Almost check! I didn't make it through all of Friday, but I did well up until then.)
  • drinking 4 water bottles every day (Check! I think this made a big difference.)

I will post again soon about the rest of my weekend! Right now, I'm going to unwind a bit and get to bed early. :)


Anonymous said...

You trickster! I thought sure a post titled weigh-in frustration was going to be about a terrible unexpected gain. But no... you had a loss! Even with partying. Congrats!

Katie said...

Thanks! :)