Saturday, March 27, 2010


Happy Saturday, everyone!

So I had my wonderful Weight Watchers meeting today, with the wonderful Ashley. (Um, is it obvious how much I love my meetings?) Today's meeting was especially great - 2 members got their 10%'s, 2 members got to goal, and 2 members got LIFETIME! WOW! If that's not inspiring, I don't know what is!

I was a bit nervous about my weigh-in... I had trouble resisting food several times this week... and for some reason, decided it was a good idea to buy White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter a few days ago.

But I was down 1.8!! That means I've lost weight two weeks in a row! It has been forever since that's happened. Can I make it three??

True, I haven't lost the 4.2 I was up two weeks ago, but I don't even care. What's the rush, am I right?

What I accomplished last week:
  • 3 "real" workouts and some extra walking. (I did the 30 Day Shred Level 3 twice, and I did the "Bring the Heat" Cardio workout from my Booty Camp dvd once.)
  • Despite a few bouts of emotional eating, I kept persisting and did not throw my entire week down the toilet.
Goals for this week:
  • at least 3 workouts.
  • measuring and tracking my food accurately!
  • drinking 4 water bottles' worth of water every day!
What are your goals for next week?


K8 said...

Hey Katie! I walked by your apartment yesterday (twice!) and thought of you! So glad your WI went well! Two consistent weeks=awesome!!! I'm going to a meeting on Saturday... not sure which one but maybe I'll see you!

Ash said...

Congrats on your second loss in a row - you are amazing! So looking forward giving you YOUR silver star and celebrating you getting to goal. I know you can do it!

Focus on your goals for the week, back away from the White Chocolate Wonderful if needed and have a wonderful week <3

Katie said...

Thanks, Kate! I hope I see you next week! :)

Ashley - I had some of the white chocolate wonderful today, BUT I carefully measured out half a serving and tracked it ;) Thanks for the encouragement! :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the consistent losses! It is more important to get a good flow going in than to have a single big loss. It's hard to be persistent when you overdo it so good on ya!

I can't keep full jars of peanut butter in the house. I only buy individual serving sizes (Justin's) or small tubs of fresh ground. It is my Kryptonite!

Katie said...

Thanks, chezjulie!

Sometimes it seems like everything (even healthy food) is my Kryptonite!!