Saturday, March 6, 2010

90 Pounds Lost!

So, how did my week of hardcore planning go?

I was down 11.8 pounds today. I'm still in shock. The receptionist was shocked. Now, impressive as this sounds (and I am proud of my week), this brings my last 3 weeks' total to 1.6 pounds lost. (So, not as crazy as it seems).

My recent trend of gaining a lot of weight one week (from eating way too much), then losing it all the next is not one I'm particularly happy with. I would LOVE to have multiple weeks in a row of losing reasonable amounts.

This week also brings me to 90 pounds lost (90.8 to be exact) since August 2007! I used to weigh 276 pounds and today I weighed in at 185.2. I'm also getting closer to my Weight Watchers 10% goal (which will happen at 181.8 pounds).

Vague, Incomplete Plan for this week:
- Pilates on Monday, last Booty Camp on Tuesday
- some sort of workout this weekend (maybe a long walk today in the BEAUTIFUL Toronto weather, and something more intense tomorrow)
- meal planning to some degree

Challenges facing me this week:
- will not be at home all of this week (am helping my Mom move a bunch of stuff up to a cottage for a couple of days)
- week off from work = lack of normal routine

I also want to work on getting in enough dairy servings every day! Milk in my coffee, 1/2 cup of yogurt, and the occasional 15 grams of cheese just ain't cutting it! It won't be difficult for me to do this, in that I love drinking milk... I usually just don't want to spare the points. But I must!

Enjoy your weekends, everyone!


andrea. said...

That's awesome Katie, congratulations! I was actually thinking about you this morning and how your weigh-in would go! :) 90 lbs is amazing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God. Well, congratulations!

I wonder if maybe your weight gain of last week was something of a temporary fluctuation (water or salt or something) so that it made it look like you had a crappier week than you did, and like your loss this week was weirder than it was.

Regardless, very impressive results. Hmmmn, planning and eating right equals weight loss. I'm going to have to remember that!

K8 said...

Congrats Katie! I too was thinking about you and your WI. I won't be able to attend a Saturday meeting until april!!!

Anyways...the human body is a strange creature. Last week's gain was obviously not 9lbs of fat, which you proved by kicking it to the curb and then some this week.

Have you tried the WW smoothies? Add them to 1 cup of milk and it automatically gives you your two servings of dairy, and the smoothie pack is only 1 pt. I was quite surprised how much I like them!

Katie said...

Thanks everyone!!

I agree that last week was a bit of a false gain! My body can really fluctuate a LOT!

Too bad you can't make it to a Saturday meeting for so long, Kate! And thanks for the smoothie suggestion! I actually still have both free samples from the meetings, but haven't tried them yet for some reason!

Weighting Around said...

Congratulations. I have just given you the Sunshine Award. You can see the link on my site at

The rules say you must pass this on to 12 bloggers who bring Sunshine to your day.