Friday, March 26, 2010

Adventures in the Kitchen

On Tuesday, I made not one, but two brand new recipes (simultaneously, no less)!

Firstly, I made the No Weigh, Jose! Mexican Lasagna from Eat, Shrink and Be Merry. It was AMAZING! It consists of layers of ground chicken and black beans, tomato-ey goodness, cheese, and tortillas. Here it is about to go into the oven:

While it was baking, I started mixing together the ingredients for Mini Shrimp Rolls from Green Lite Bites. In the bowl are shrimp, spinach, green onions, ginger, garlic, and shredded carrots.

Then, I attempted wrapping the won ton wrappers:

As you can see, they did not want to stay shut.

The recipe calls for 16 wrappers, but I used 18 and still had some filling leftover. I restuffed some of my early attempts, and this motley crew is what I ended up with:

Meanwhile, my lasagna was baking away (remember??)! Here it is, fresh out of the oven (note the won ton stuffing going on in the background):

The lasagna was TO DIE FOR!

The shrimp rolls turned out okay, too:

I discovered I liked them better cold... but the best part about them... I crunched the numbers... and one roll is ZERO points. 3 rolls = 1 point, 6 rolls = 3 points, and 9 (half the recipe the way I made it) = 4 points.

I've been a happy Katie with some yummy leftovers (the shrimp rolls did not last too long, though)!

The cooking extravaganza did claim some casualties, however:

The band-aids are because I "grated" two of my fingers while grating cheese (for the lasagna) and carrots (for the shrimp rolls)... and that poor plastic lid was sitting on the stove whilst it preheated to 375 degrees. (Actually, if you look at all the pictures of the lasagna from this post - you can see the lid sitting on the stove before the lasagna goes in the oven... then when the lasagna is out of the oven, you can see the remains on the burner. The poor lid never saw it coming!)

The things we go through for our health!

And this is what I just ate for dinner, along with some lentil curry:

That is a HUGE bowl, people. I'm not always a salad person, but I wanna be, I swear. I'm usually okay as long as I pile on enough avocado. Today, I had a stroke of genius and threw in some corn! It was amazing! I ate the whooooooole thing (yay for volume food)! Also, it took me like 30 minutes to conquer... good way to preoccupy myself from grabbing other, unhealthy treats!

What do you like in your salads? Have you ever gotten a bit overzealous with the cheese grater, like I did?


Anonymous said...

I despise grating and always get the hubby to do it. It never fails that I grate one of my nails. :-X

That lasagna looks delish, there hasn't be a dish from ESBM that I haven't loved!

Katie said...

Everything in ESBM looks amazing - I think I'll tackle the pad thai tonight!

Anonymous said...

My sympathies on your lid. My husband once set a plastic potholder on fire in the oven.

I like using spring mix, mini bella mushrooms, and grape tomatoes for my salad base. Artichoke hearts and hearts of palm are great (though very pricey) 0 pts. add ins.

Katie said...

I'll have to try artichokes one of these days!

I'm not a mushroom fan, though, unfortunately. :)