Friday, March 5, 2010

Last Day of Preplanned Meals (this week)!

Last Sunday, desperate to be back in control of my food, I did a crazy amount of planning.

I have had an AMAZING week. I'll admit, sometimes I ate extra snacks that weren't planned if I was hungry (or if some dried cranberries just kind of fell in my mouth), but I tracked it all and am within my points! This despite a buffet lunch yesterday!

Somehow (probably only because I gave up junk food for Lent) I avoided all of the cakes/squares/pies at the dessert table and stuck to fruit. It's funny: at the time, I felt like I was making balanced, healthy choices at the buffet and not overdoing it (and I'm very proud of how I did), but when I estimated all the points later, it was over 30! I also felt a bit too full afterwards (but not as bad as I usually feel after buffets).

On Wednesday night, I was out at a bar but only had one sip of my sister's beer (it helped that I knew I had to get up at 6 am the next morning for work). Here we are (I debuted my new blouse!):

Has anyone else been taking full advantage of the Toronto coffee wars? In order to compete with Roll Up The Rim at Tim Hortons, McDonald's is offering free small coffees. Last night after Booty Camp, I passed a McDonald's and got one (they actually gave me a medium!) even though it was around 8 pm. I've also been enjoying rolling up my rim though, as I usually stop by the Tim Hortons at least once a day at work...

This morning, I decided to get some fresh air and walk to McDonald's for my morning coffee (don't worry, I didn't buy anything else there). I enjoyed it with some steel cut oats a la Jess (i.e. with egg whites!):

Such a lonely looking blob of peanut butter. I must say, I liked the egg white addition! A great way to get some more protein in my oats. I was FULL after this! (I also added some extra peanut butter at the end...)

I am very excited for my Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow. Don't you love that feeling? I doubt I'll have lost all of that extra weight I put on last week, but I'm not in (much of a) hurry. Slow and steady, right?


Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a good week with all the planning! I think I might need to do something similar to get back on track after being sick.

I've been drinking iced lattes from McDonald's. I thought I would be too much of a snob but they're actually pretty good and only 2 points!

Katie said...

Thanks, chezjulie!

I think McDonald's coffee is great! Never tried their iced lattes though... but they sound good!

Blimpy Christian said...

You are looking absolutely fantastic!

Katie said...

Thank you, Blimpy Christian (love the name)! :)