Sunday, June 15, 2014

Time to Regroup

Well, as you may have guessed, I will not be completing the full 28 days of the Fast Metabolism Diet. It got too hard to follow all the precise guidelines and food restrictions. And if I'm being completely honest, for most of the weekend I ate complete junk. BUT let's focus on the positives about last week:
  • Compared to a few weeks ago, I ate much more food that I'd cooked myself, instead of buying breakfast on the way to work, lunch at work, etc.
  • I worked out SIX TIMES! Have I ever worked out that much in one week? Maybe once a few years ago? Anyway. Insane, y'all.
  • I accomplished a lot even though my week was super busy. I wasn't home much to cook/clean, and I didn't get as much sleep last week as I needed, but I still mostly stuck to my meal plan and got all my workouts in.
Yesterday I sat down and made a rough meal plan for this week. I picked recipes I know that I'll like, and didn't base anything on a particular diet. A few of the groceries I picked up:

Bananas are back on the scene! They weren't allowed on the FMD :(
I made the first recipe last night. Potato Enchiladas from The Starch Solution:

I ate one for breakfast this morning. They may not be attractive, but they're pretty tasty!

Tonight, I was back in the kitchen to try a couple more recipes. I started with lots of chopping (fyi, I think I'm the slowest chopper in the world):

I made a coconut Thai stirfry based on a recipe from Eat, Shrink & Be Merry.

This was delicious! I had it over basmati rice (I was planning to use brown rice but I didn't have enough). I'm very excited about all the leftovers.

Next, I quickly whipped up some turkey sausage with brown rice pasta, which I first made two weeks ago when prepping for the Fast Metabolism Diet.

I'm feeling pretty happy about all the meals in my fridge/freezer, just ready to be eaten! In other news, my kitchen looks like a disaster zone and I bought some new clothes yesterday so I can put off doing laundry for a couple more days (also because there was a 40% off sale). But as long as my eating is under control, it's okay if I'm not totally together. Right??

I'm off to bed soon - meeting the trainer bright and early tomorrow! Good night!


Anonymous said...

It did sound like an extremely restrictive plan as far as what you could eat when. I'm not sure that those carb cycling plans really accomplish anything, but often the recipes are good and they can get one away from sugar and processed food.

I hate chopping.

Katie said...

Yes, some of the recipes were really good, and I plan to work them into my usual rotation!