Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fast Metabolism Diet - Days 8-9

Is it really only Tuesday?! I have been going since about 5:30 am so I'm completely exhausted and I don't know how I'm going to make it to the weekend...

Monday was the first day of my second week on the FMD. Phase 1 is the high-carb phase, so my breakfast was sprouted grain toast and some strawberries:

For lunch, I brought some turkey sausage with zucchini, broccoli, and brown rice pasta that I made last weekend. For snacks, I had carrots, cantaloupe, and two apples:

I ate dinner out. I was STARVING by the time we ordered, so I couldn't bear to order a salad (even though I know it would probably be satisfying). I ordered a teriyaki stirfry dish with rice... it wasn't the worst thing I could have ordered, but obviously it wasn't on plan. I also had a root beer during the day. I was helping out with a knitting event all afternoon (more on that momentarily), and was repeatedly offered drinks, snacks, etc. I was also given chocolate as a gift! So, considering the circumstances, I'm fine with my one root beer and meal out. :)

This morning, I woke up around 5:30 to meet my personal trainer for 6:45. Breakfast beforehand was strawberries and plain steel cut oats.

My workout started with a "lunge matrix" (to be honest, not as terrible as it sounds), and worsened from there. It included burpees (thankfully modified, still terrifying), extremely deep squats (I had something to hold to help pull myself back up), and other exercises that I've seemingly blocked out. Oh. There were planks. They were dreadful. She also told me to do a cardio workout tomorrow (as well as Friday and Sunday). That's fine, except I'm already meeting with her in the morning and working until 8:30 at night! I'll have to get creative to squeeze that extra workout in...

Anyway, my lunch today was basically the same as yesterday. Even the picture is eerily similar:

Note the addition of peaches. Delicious!
After work, I rushed home to drop off my bag, then hurried over to my knitting event (which I was helping to prepare for yesterday). I'm in my local knitters' guild, and every two years they put on an adjudicated show. A guest judge comes and offers comments on knitted items in various categories and awards prizes. I was on the committee to help plan this year's show, and I think it went really well! I also won a prize! I won second place in my category, which had about 26 entries. I was extremely surprised and honoured to win. Here is my winning shawl (unfortunately this isn't a great picture):

Here's a close-up. Can you spot the beads?

It honestly wasn't that challenging to knit, and it went much quicker than I anticipated (for those who might be curious, the pattern is called Vesna and designed by Susanna IC). I won a gift certificate to a yarn store, so I'm very happy about that! I also won more chocolate as a door prize... I will have to save that for a later date.

Anyway, back to food. I came home around 10:30 and realized that I had to have dinner as well as prep my food for tomorrow. Blargh. Dinner was pork, brown rice, and sweet potatoes leftover from last week. Here it is, fresh out of the freezer:

I am eating this right now!
Next I need to chop some veggies for tomorrow. I'm quite nervous about my lunch. I made turkey meatloaf that looks (and, to be honest, smells) a bit weird, and I feel slightly self-conscious about bringing it into the lunchroom. I might just eat in my office...

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