Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fast Metabolism Diet - Day 2

Greetings! I have successfully completed my second day of the Fast Metabolism Diet, and I feel great. Today I had a LOT more energy than usual, so I think I've finally gotten through the caffeine-withdrawal period. I guess eating whole foods instead of my usual junk might have something to do with that, too... I'm also not as sore from yesterday's personal training session as I was after my sessions last week. Hooray!

I didn't take pictures of my food today, because I ate literally the exact same meals and snacks as yesterday. I did stray from the diet in the sense that I did not eat every 3-4 hours like I was supposed to. Work was busy, so my afternoon snack got delayed until I got home. Then I did some laundry, had a long phone call with a good friend of mine, and did a crazy amount of food prep for the next few days (because apparently I didn't do enough on Sunday). As a result, my dinner got delayed by a few hours, too.

This diet consists of three phases that you rotate throughout the week, so what I'm going to be eating tomorrow and Thursday on Phase 2 is completely different from what I've eaten yesterday and today. At least it keeps things interesting! This is what I was dealing with this evening:

In this picture, I was cooking sweet potatoes in my slow cooker,  steaming fish in my rice cooker, making hardboiled eggs on the stove, and chopping/cooking kale. The asparagus, peppers, and cucumber were all standing by. Unfortunately, the kale dish I attempted to cook was not edible (maybe I just don't love kale).

Phase 2 consists of a lot of protein and vegetables. I'm nervous about it. I'm worried I'll be super hungry and low-energy without any grains or starches to keep me going. And since the kale didn't turn out, I don't have as many veggies ready as I planned to! At least Phase 2 only lasts two days...

Tomorrow I'm starting my day again with a personal training session, then I have to work late. I'll try to squeeze a blog post in if I can, but no promises! You might have to wait until Thursday or Friday to find out how I survived the dreaded Phase 2...

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Anonymous said...

If I can recall from the dark stretches of time, I usually feel pretty good when I eat a high protein diet. And how do you make sweet potatoes in the slow cooker? Enquiring minds want to know.