Monday, June 2, 2014

Fast Metabolism Diet - Day 1

I had a personal training session at 6:45 this morning and I'm not allowed to have caffeine. Needless to say, I'm a little bit sleepy. I tried to start weaning off caffeine last week - I had some half-decaf coffee for a couple of days, none at all on Friday (but compensated with large quantities of candy), and then "accidentally" had pop on Saturday. I shouldn't be shocked that I'm feeling withdrawal symptoms, I suppose...

Breakfast this morning was steel cut oats (made in my rice cooker, which I set last night) and some pineapple:

It was a LOT of food. 1.5 cups of plain cooked oatmeal! After I worked my way through it, I hopped on the bus to the gym. My personal training session started out well, but then she put me on this Stairmaster that was actually a rotating staircase. I only had to be on it for a minute and 15 seconds, but it REALLY finished me. I had to take a long break after, and continue taking breaks for the rest of the workout. Oh well, persistence, not perfection, right?! I am just so ready to be fitter than I am now.

Here are the snacks/lunch I brought to work:

Not very pretty, I know. The Fast Metabolism Diet has you eat three meals and two snacks. You're supposed to eat every 3-4 hours. For the most part, I stuck to that today, although I snacked on the baby carrots on and off all day (most veggies are unlimited, so I'm pretty sure that was allowed). My first snack was the apple and pear (lots of high-glycemic fruit on this phase of the diet), then for lunch I had the Chicken Sausage with Fusilli dish from the Fast Metabolism Diet book. It was DELICIOUS! I also had strawberries, but they weren't very good, unfortunately. My afternoon snack was orange slices.

For dinner, I had a tonne of brown rice, sweet potatoes, and pork that I made in my slowcooker yesterday. Delicious!

You're also supposed to drink lots of water on this diet - divide your weight in pounds by two and have that many ounces. So basically I still have to have about a zillion more ounces before I go to bed...

There were definitely some moments today where I wanted to eat junk food (and drink coffee!!!), but overall I'm feeling VERY motivated. Of course, that's easy to say on Day 1 of a diet, but to be honest, this is the furthest I've made it on a diet in ages and ages. So I'm going to celebrate! I TOTALLY ROCKED today and I feel so ready to make this change. :)

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