Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fast Metabolism Diet - Day 10

Today was a crazy day. I was too discombobulated to take pictures, but at least I'm squeezing in a post! Today was my first day of Week 2 Phase 2 (the high-protein, low-carb, low-fat phase) and I struggled.

I only had about 6 hours of sleep last night, so I did not feel great when I got up this morning. I tried to eat the ground beef, egg white, and spinach casserole I made on Sunday, but I did NOT care for it. It was kind of dry and... mealy? Ugh. I'll attempt it again tomorrow and try to get a picture. To supplement my breakfast, I quickly choked down a slice of turkey deli meat and ran out the door to the gym to meet my personal trainer.

My quads were already killing me, and I was feeling a bit queasy from the lack of sleep and weird breakfast, so I was quite nervous about making it through my workout. I thought I would have to take a lot of breaks, or that I would pass out or something. But the strangest thing happened... once I started exercising, I actually felt good! The workout was challenging, as usual, but I survived.

Once I finished working out with the personal trainer, I headed out to... another gym! My trainer told me to fit in a cardio workout today, and since I had to work until 8:30pm, I knew it had to happen before work (I start work later in the day when I have to stay late in the evening). Never in my life have I done TWO workouts before going to work. But I somehow did it today!

Overall, I'm really glad I got a personal trainer. This week is extremely busy for me, and normally I would have considered myself too busy to fit in any workouts at all (and probably too busy to cook my own food, etc). But as it turns out, I do have the time if I make it a priority. Making time for exercise is something I've always known you have to do, but actually doing it has been a revelation of sorts.

Anyway, I hit another roadblock at lunchtime. I just couldn't face the meatloaf I had waiting in my lunch bag. I couldn't do it. Something about it (the weird colour? the weird smell?) just didn't work for me, so I bought a salad from Subway. I'm sure the chicken wasn't perfectly on-plan, and I added avocado, which definitely isn't allowed during Phase 2, but as we've seen, I'm not being too particular anymore.

I had a few afternoon snacks (some cold cuts and hardboiled eggs), and then around 7:30, I got hungry enough to actually try eating the meatloaf I'd brought to work. It didn't actually taste that bad. A little dry, but fairly edible. I managed to eat about half of it. I need to find some new recipes for Phase 2 next week, though...

Now it's time to collapse into bed! I have another workout with my personal trainer in the morning... eep! (I have been seeing her three times a week to start off, and this week it worked out to be Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday.) Toodle-oo!

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Lemmaaaaa said...

You are amazing and inspiring, thanks for bringing us all along on your summer of Katie :) I look forward to these posts every day!