Sunday, July 22, 2012

Eat to Live Days 26-28

Well, I certainly had a jam-packed weekend! On Friday, I headed out of town to visit some family (including my cousin's new baby!). I knew I'd probably be gone until Saturday, so I decided to plan ahead to make sure I didn't stray from my healthy eats.

First of all, I had a big breakfast - a green smoothie AND some oatmeal.

Then I packed up a ton of food:

Salad, raspberry balsamic vinegar, leftover soup, black beans, avocado, tomato, homemade salsa, and some chopped up red and yellow peppers. While out of town, I must admit that I ate several sandwiches, BUT they were all on oil-free, whole grain bread. When everyone else had grilled halibut or fish and chips for dinner Friday night, I ordered a garden salad with no dressing (and added my own balsamic vinegar).

On Saturday morning, I had the opportunity to go to a local farmers market! Not only did I resist all the delicious baked goods that were for sale, I bought lots of healthy, delicious produce.

I got fresh corn on the cob, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, carrots, and Ontario peaches. Not too shabby!

On the way home to Toronto on Saturday, I was struck with how, in the past, being out of town would have been a great "excuse" for me to splurge. I honestly would have had a muffin or donut or bagel at every opportunity, as well as splurged on fish and chips and other goodies. Even if I was on Weight Watchers, I would have eaten whatever I wanted and selectively tracked it (or not...) afterwards. If nothing else, this experiment is showing me that there are truly NO excuses! Because I had committed to eating a certain way, it didn't even really take willpower. I just felt I had no other choice but to eat well. :)

When I got home yesterday evening, I was starving. I quickly threw together a healthy meal of tofu scramble and cauliflower (with a couple of leftover pieces of broccoli).

This morning, I hopped on the GO train to Port Credit to meet some of my bestest university friends for brunch. We went to Cora's. Now, let me just say that brunch is possibly my favourite meal of the day. I LOVE going out for brunch and ordering a huge platter of eggs, toast, homefries, and sausage (not to mention several cups of coffee!).

This morning, I knew I couldn't do that. I stuck to a hot water with lemon and a fruit platter.

This dish usually comes with toast, but I actually called ahead to the restaurant to find out if there was any oil or dairy in their bread (there was oil). This way, I didn't have to ask the waitress and make a big deal of it at the restaurant - I just said I didn't want any toast.

Eating so strictly is teaching me that it's possible to speak up at restaurants (or phone ahead) to make sure my needs are accommodated. I still don't think it's easy, and I still haven't tried to make requests that my food be prepared a certain way... but maybe I'll get there!

Tonight, I needed something hearty, simple, and delicious for dinner. The solution: another giant batch of chili.

SO delicious. I ate it with some corn on the cob from the farmers market (while watching the season finale of The Bachelorette!!!!!).

That's Better Butter on the side!
And so ends the fourth week. I'm two-thirds done! I must admit, I'm a bit nervous for tomorrow's weigh-in. I did eat a LOT of bread this weekend, and I'm worried I've been overdoing it with the nuts, too. We shall see!

Night all!


Enz said...

I think once we make a firm decision it's easier to stick to. Its the "what if I..."'s that get us into trouble.

You're doing so well.

What's your plan when the six weeks are over?

andrea. said...

Your dedication is awesome! Wow -- everything at Cora's is so delicious, too. :)

Phoning ahead is such a good idea. I hate making a scene at restaurants (or feeling like I am.) I usually try looking things up online but that only works for big chain restaurants.

Katie said...

Enz - I completely agree that it's so much easier to stick to if we've made a firm decision. There just isn't another option! As for my plan after the 6 weeks, I am still thinking about it... I will post about it soon!

Andrea - Thank you so much! I also hate feeling like I'm making a scene at restaurants. I'm really afraid to speak up and ask for something to be prepared a certain way. And even if I can look up nutrition info online, it usually doesn't give a list of ingredients (which would be useful for avoiding oil).