Saturday, July 14, 2012

Eat to Live Days 16-20

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I can't believe I've almost finished THREE weeks on the Eat to Live program!

I had kind of a hectic week (hence the lack of posts), and was seriously tempted to give in and just order a pizza. But, thankfully, I didn't!

My eats this week included some cream of broccoli soup (recipe courtesy of Meghan Telpner's blog):

I also attempted to make some tahini dressing from the Refresh cookbook, which I had over some greens.

I found it a bit too garlicky, unfortunately.

One of my favourite meals of the week:

You just can't go wrong with a toasted tomato and avocado sandwich!

I also ate out a couple of times this week. I ended up at Milestone's on Friday. I ordered a salad that came with red onions, glazed pecans, strawberries, and goat cheese. I got it without the goat cheese and pecans (which I assumed had sugar and/or oil).

I didn't eat any of the dressing, either. The salad was pretty good, but a bit too oniony.

I went to the movies today (to see Magic Mike), and I was actually able to find something Eat to Live-friendly! And really, if I can find food that works at the MOVIES, then I can find food that works ANYWHERE, am I right? I ordered a greek salad without olives, feta cheese, or dressing (so, not really a greek salad at all). In the condiments area, I put on some vinegar and chili flakes.

It was decent! I was quite pleased with myself for choosing a super healthy option while surrounded by the smell of popcorn (which I love).

Before seeing Magic Mike, I dusted off my old Booty Camp DVD and brought it to my friend's house for a workout! We managed to do the Booty Booster, the Ab-Salute! Core workout, and the Seaside Serenity Stretch. It was tough! My muscles felt like jelly afterwards. But it's great to be exercising again. :)



Enz said...

There is no subsitution for bread with a toasted tomato sandwich ;( I really love those!!

It is so wonderful to hear you so positive and happy again :)

Katie said...

Thank you so much, Enz!