Monday, July 2, 2012

Eat to Live Day 8

This morning, I stepped on the scale to see the results after one week of (mostly) following Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Eat to Live program.

Starting Weight: 262.7 pounds
Current Weight: 255.9 pounds

I am down 6.8 pounds! Yay! Let me point out that this week I did NOT track or measure my food (for the most part - some foods are limited) and I was NOT starving all week. I was usually quite full after meals and I ate tonnes of food. I haven't had many cravings, but that might just be because I'm still in super-motivated mode. :)

In other news... I did the first run of Couch to 5K today! Lately it seems that a lot of my friends have the running bug and are signing up for 5Ks, so I thought I should stop thinking about getting back to running and just DO IT. Let me tell you, it was tough! I was sooooo hot and exhausted afterwards. And this was just Day 1 - the next step after "couch"! Despite being worn out, I felt really really good.

Breakfast and lunch today were pretty boring. For breakfast, I had a green smoothie (surprise, surprise). For lunch, I had salad and leftover scrambled tofu.

I had black beans cooking in the slow cooker all day, but come dinnertime, they still weren't cooked. So I had to use canned beans to make some black bean burgers for dinner.

I ate mine on an Ezekiel tortilla with avocado, tomato, and spring mix. Yummy!

I also threw together some cauliflower soup. It consisted of vegetable broth, cauliflower, onion, chives, roasted garlic, and cashews (for creaminess) all blended together.

Not the most attractive soup!
I still have room for improvement in terms of cooking delicious, oil-free meals, but they have at least been highly edible! Overall, I haven't felt deprived. Of course, it's easy when I'm at home and in control of my environment. The real temptations and challenges will come when I have to deal with less than ideal circumstances...

Anyway, I am writing this post from my bed (ooh la la!), so I'd better actually get some sleep! It's back to work tomorrow for me. Good night, all!


andrea. said...

Katie, that's awesome! Way to go! (Also, you want to hear something crazy? I ALSO lost EXACTLY 6.8 lbs! I didn't post it on the blog because I"m *technically* not supposed to weigh until the end of the 30 days ... but I couldn't resist a peak yesterday.) That is so weird! I swear it's because we both cut out grains and sugars.

Erin said...

That's a great loss, Katie!! I'm loving all your yummy food pictures.

Enz said...

So pumped by both your losses and enthusiasm!! Do great to hear.

Katie - where did you find ghee? I've been looking everywhere.