Sunday, July 1, 2012

Eat to Live Day 7


My most exciting meal today was lunch. (For breakfast, I had another smoothie. For dinner, I may or may not have gone to Fresh again and ordered the same thing I had last time.)

Before making my lunch, I roasted some garlic. I had big plans for the garlic: hummus!

To make the hummus, I combined one big can of chickpeas, some lemon juice, and the roasted garlic in my food processor. I also used some of the chickpea liquid from the can (the brand of chickpeas I used was not sodium-free, but it seemed to have a lot less than other brands... sodium is one area where I'm not being as "perfect" as I could be).

The hummus was a success! I had it with lots of raw vegetables. I also had a big salad with some of yesterday's Hidden Cashew Ranch Dressing.

I'll weigh myself tomorrow morning to see my Week 1 result! I am actually excited to step on that scale!

Oh, and Happy Canada Day everyone!! :)


Enz said...

A week!! Way to go!

andrea. said...

Congrats on a whole week down!!

Katie said...

Thank you!!!