Sunday, February 3, 2013

Another fresh start.

I've been here before. Kitchen full of fresh produce and healthy groceries, food for the week planned out, sink full of dirty dishes after cooking up a few healthy meals. Feeling excited about all the weight I'm going to lose and all the clothes I'm going to fit into again. Eager for a fresh start.

I often feel like a broken record. I keep going back and forth between eating really well for a few days, and then eating junk for a few weeks. I will make a plan to be healthy and then it falls by the wayside. I'm always hesitant to tell friends about my new way of eating, or post about it here, because I know I've said it all before. But all I can do is keep trying, and hope that one of these attempts will stick. After all, what's the alternative?

I can waste time moping around, eating potato chips, and wishing I was as thin as I used to be (and I do that quite a bit, don't get me wrong), or I can accept where I am and move forward. So today, I'm starting again.


Anonymous said...

Starting over again is better than giving up. I hope you have a great week, Katie!

andrea. said...

This goes without saying but: I HEAR YA. :) Starting over again (and again. and again.) is embarrassing but I just keep telling myself it's better than the alternative. Here's to starting over, for both of us! :)

Katie said...

Thank you for the encouragement, ladies!!