Friday, June 29, 2012

Eat to Live Day 5

I can't believe I've gone 5 days with no meat or dairy (not to mention sugar)!

Today I actually didn't do any snacking between meals (which is not allowed on this plan)! One thing I like about this "diet" is that I'm not starving all the time. I try to eat big meals so I stay satisfied.

For breakfast today, I had yet another green smoothie with some walnuts on the side. I didn't bother taking a picture. My lunch was a huge salad and some leftover lentil soup:

I was feeling a bit discouraged while trying to make lunch. I used up the last of the white beans I cooked a couple of nights ago making a recipe from the Eat to Live book. I really disliked it (which might not have been the recipe's fault), so I had to toss it. :( I'm struggling to make my salads yummy, since I can't have oil. There are tons of oil-free salad dressing recipes out there, I just have to start trying them and see what works. Today, I mashed up some avocado with some lemon juice and that did the trick.

For dinner, my mom and I went to Fresh for a treat (and because our condo was being shown).

I had the Macro Greens on brown rice. I added chickpeas and tahini dressing (which, according to the menu, didn't have any oil in it). I especially liked the grilled tomatoes that it came with. This meal was so huge that I couldn't finish it! The rest is in my fridge for tomorrow. :)

As for the scrambled tofu I mentioned last night - I didn't get to it today, but hopefully tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

I wish we had Fresh in Ottawa!

Enz said...

Ive never liked salad dressing, I will occasionally have olive oil and lemon (if its really good olive oil!) but a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime is usually good enough for me and it makes all the flavours pop.

Katie said...

I wish I could say the same for me, Enz! Maybe my taste buds will change soon...

andrea. said...

Mmm, Fresh! Love that place. :)

Hmm, salads. I find that adding some cooked vegetables helps, and fresh herbs. I also think blending a vegetable into your dressing might add more flavour (rather than just using vinegar) -- for instance, roasted red peppers, blended with a bit of vinegar and garlic and maybe some other spices? Just a thought. You're doing great!!

andrea. said...

Oh, also, are you allowed to eat nutritional yeast? That was something I used a lot when I cooked more vegan stuff (I had a vegan roommate). It's a flaked yeast product, that kind of looks like fish food, but it adds a nutty, kinda almost cheesy flavour to things.

Katie said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Andrea!! Funnily enough, I just bought some nutritional yeast!