Sunday, June 10, 2012

Busy Times

As you know, I started June with the best of intentions. And while I am striving to eat well, I've faced a few obstacles.

Last Monday morning, painters descended on my condo (we only found out they were showing up the night before). They were here all day, every day until Friday evening. Every single room was being painted, which means every single room was covered by a thin layer of paint/plaster dust. Not only was I avoiding being home at all costs, when I was home, I was not too keen on preparing food in my kitchen. That led to some unhealthy eating...

Deep-fried ice cream (which is necessary when you have no kitchen access, right?).
There's definitely bacon in there.
Anyway, I haven't gone completely off the edge...
Yay, healthy (and blurry) oats!
Last Wednesday, two noteworthy things happened. You may recall that I have gallstones. It took a lot of patience, and two cancellations by the doctor, but I finally had an appointment with a general surgeon. Good news: I'm not having surgery anytime soon! Since my gallbladder attacks are very infrequent (about twice a year), I have decided to live with them for now. I am planning to make an appointment with a naturopath, as well (I will tell you all how that goes!).

While I was in the waiting room for my appointment, I got a very important phone call... I have a job interview this Thursday with the school board I want to work for! This is very exciting, people. First order of business: finding an interview outfit. No easy feat, seeing as I have a LOT of clothing that no longer fits...

I also go back to my old job tomorrow (teaching college math). So this weekend I have been cleaning up, packing tons of stuff into storage to make our condo look huge and desirable to potential buyers, preparing to teach again, and trying to get ready for my interview. You may not see another post until next weekend...

Happy Monday everybody!


Anonymous said...

Things happen, we go off track, that's life, but at least you're recognizing it.

It's good that you don't need surgery on your gallbladder, I usually get 2 attacks a year as well.

Hope your interview went well. I'll be crossing my fingers for you!

ChezJulie said...

That's a lot going on!

I think when you go off course, it's nice if it's something worth it like fried ice cream. :-)