Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hill fun!

Tonight brought back painful (er, I mean fond) memories of bear-crawling up this hill multiple times:

Yes, that's right. I was back at Booty Camp. After a nightmarishly slow ride on the Bathurst streetcar, I was a few minutes late, but made it for most of the class.

Aside from bear-crawling up the hill, and running up and down it, at the end we used it to do all kinds of crunches on an incline. I can only assume this made them more effective, as I couldn't really get my feet up off of the ground like we were supposed to. I think I should stick to flatter territory for awhile, still.

I really miss Booty Camp! True, I was way too hot, and it was very tough, but it was nice to be back. But I could really tell that I have NOT been working as hard lately as I was during Operation: Buff.

Unfortunately, it's not feasible for me to be going to Booty Camp right now, grrr! I'll just have to start making better use of my gym membership. Body Combat tomorrow night?! I think so!


Schnone of Your Biznass said...

oh hi, it's me again.
is that person on the left wearing a tutu? a schnutu?
or is their helper monkey just vacuuming at such a pace that it appears as a blue whirl around them?

(how long will it be before you ban me from your comments section?)

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I went and toured our sons college today ~ and went up ONE flight of stairs and I was breathing harder and I could feel my heart beating. Emough is enough! Workouts start tomorrow morning!
Have a pretty day!

Katie said...

Megan, I'll ban you so fast that Bobo won't know what hit him.

Kristin - That's great motivation! Let me know how the workouts go. :)