Sunday, May 2, 2010

Operation: Buff Week 4

I'm halfway through my Operation: Buff challenge! How did I do this week? Well, my goals during this challenge are to have at least one cardio & one strength workout in addition to my two booty camp classes. Here are my workouts from this week:
  • Body Flow class (Monday)
  • 2 Booty Camp classes (Tuesday & Thursday)
  • Body Combat class (Wednesday)
  • Booty Camp dvd - Advanced workout (Saturday)
Not too shabby! I've also been getting in lots of greens, through green monster smoothies & salads.

I'm having a pretty boring weekend, full of marking, so I've been having a bit too many snacks... I'm trying my hardest to conserve some weekly points for the rest of the week. I think that I'm going up to the cottage from around Wednesday or Thursday until Sunday... which means I'll miss my Saturday morning meeting (boo!), and perhaps have some trouble staying on plan. I'll also be, most likely, missing Thursday's Booty Camp class, so I will have to ensure I do an extra at-home strength workout.

But I keep reminding myself that I am always in total control of what I eat - so even though I'm not following my usual routine (classes don't start up again for another week), and I will not be in my usual environment, there is NO REASON why I can't rock this week.

Have a great week, everyone!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you've been doing great with the workouts and the veggies. Take that shiny new keyring with you to remind you to stay on track!

Katie said...

That's a great idea, Julie! I'll do that! :)