Thursday, May 13, 2010

A little catching up

I haven't posted in a few days, and I know you've all been DYING to know what I've been up to, so here's a recap of my week so far...


I semi-spontaneously decided to eliminate dairy for two weeks. My nose is chronically stuffed up (and has been for years), and I've been wondering lately if dairy is the culprit. I also went to a great BodyFlow class.

I started the course I'm taking - it was okay, and hopefully it won't be TOO much extra work. That night I had some bad dreams that always crop up right before a new semester starts (both as a student and a teacher). They always consist of me not having the right room number or schedule or being late or missing class altogether or not having the right notes with me... etc.


I shook off the bad dreams and got up early (ish) for my first BodyStep class! The class was pretty good, except I will always compare step classes to the ones I used to go to at my school gym with my favourite instructor. I miss them, and I doubt any new step classes could live up to them!

I also went to Booty Camp on Tuesday night, despite the pouring rain... it was FREEZING. I felt pretty hard-core, but it also sucked being wet & cold for the 45 minute trek home on the TTC.

I tried some Solgurt and found it DISGUSTING. I was really sad because yogurt has been my go-to snack lately. Perhaps I shouldn't have started with unsweetened solgurt?! I'll try it again soon blended with fruit... I tried some soy cheese too and did NOT like it. I've had soy cheese before that I didn't mind, but that kind has casein (a milk product) in it. Grrrrr!


First day of school! Of course, everything went fine and all my silly bad dreams were for nothing. I had some students that I've had before, and it made such a difference having familiar faces staring up at me at the front of the class.

Also, on the bus on the way to school, I overheard a student saying she signed up for a certain teacher's math class because she had heard from other students how good she was at explaining things... I made a mental note of what the girl looked like and, sure enough, she was in MY class! I think/hope they were talking about ME! :)

I rushed home from school on Wednesday to go to a make-up Booty Camp class. In restrospect, I don't know if this was wise. I'd worked out on Monday and TWICE on Tuesday already... Anyway, somehow I made it through the class which brings us to...


Today has been tough! I'm feeling really worn-down and tired, confirming my thoughts that Booty Camp last night wasn't wise. In fact, I'm missing tonight's session. It's rainy out and I really tried to psych myself up to going. I got all dressed in my workout gear and left the house, but when I was about a block out, I turned around and came home. I'm feeling kind of bummed and guilty because I've never just skipped a session like this, but I really don't think I could have done it. I'm going to get to bed early and get ready for my early teaching day tomorrow instead.

Despite my blah day, I'm very excited for the GTA Blogger Get-together on Saturday! I can't wait to meet everyone! I'm also a littttle bit nervous, to be honest... I'm pretty shy! You'll all be hearing how it went, I'm sure, on my blog and various others... ;)

Have a good night & a great Friday!

P.S. I got Twitter! I don't tweet too often (yet), but feel free to follow me.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I was at the blogger meetup today (I was the rudely late one!) and I just wanted to say that it was great to meet you! You look awesome - congratulations on your loss AND on the healthy, balanced lifestyle!