Monday, October 27, 2014

Most Productive Monday Ever!

Usually after work, I collapse and do very little with my evening. But tonight has been insanely productive! I washed a ton of dishes (there are still some in the sink, but we can discuss my housekeeping habits another time), went to a bootcamp class, and got a few groceries. Now I am simultaneously doing several loads of laundry AND writing a blog post! That's five different things! At least four more than usual.

Last week, I participated in a Clean Eating Challenge run by the lovely Ashley through Facebook. I have to confess, I did not follow her guidelines completely, but I did manage to make some delicious food:

Double green smoothie jars at work!

Delicious lentil soup.

These "turtle"-like treats were AMAZING and very simple to make. Recipe from Meghan Telpner.
Today I was talking to my friend Ben at work and found out that he sometimes goes running early in the morning. One thing led to another and... he's picking me up at 6 am on Wednesday for a run. 6 am. In the morning. What have I gotten myself into?!


Ben Babcock said...

Another friend named Ben? You're cheating on me?

I thought we had something special! I haven't been seeing any other Katies!

Katie said...

I'm caught in my web of lies... and Bens!

Anonymous said...

That's about 5 more things than I usually do! LOL.