Sunday, October 27, 2013

Still running!

I have some shocking news: I haven't given up on running yet! I have not missed one session of my running group, which meets twice a week, and I had another race last weekend! This time, I did a 5k.

Happy because I'm near the finish line!
I had a crazy notion that I would try to run the entire thing, which did NOT happen. I did run most of it though, albeit very slowly. At one point, I was passed by a man carrying a full-size canoe. Yes. Man with canoe was faster than I was (as were LOTS of people pushing strollers and pulling wagons with kids in them).

But I'm really pleased with my time - 42:49. That's faster than I expected to do it, AND I was more than twice as fast as the 2.5k race I did two weeks before (my time was 22:05). So, even though I'm slow, I'm improving. :)

Eating well remains, as always, a struggle. But I just had some lentil soup, so that's something. All I can do is keep trying!

In other news, my 60s birthday party was lots of fun. After a few Youtube videos and an hour of teasing/hairspraying my hair, this was the end result:

It wasn't perfect, but I was satisfied.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! Bye for now!


Enz said...

Way to go!!!! I am so proud of you.

Nikki said...

Great accomplishment! I'm sure you'll do even better next time.

What a fun party theme and happy birthday!