Monday, March 4, 2013

What next?

I've been thinking a lot about starting a new challengey-type-thingy on here. The truth is, when I declare on this blog that I'm going to eat a certain way for x amount of time and post my food, I do it. (Unfortunately, I never seem to keep up the momentum after the challenge is over...)

Anyway, while trying to come up with what my new challenge might be, I remembered a book that's been gathering dust on my shelf: The Beck Diet Solution. The Beck Diet Solution takes you day-by-day through various cognitive behavioural strategies and activities to "train your brain to think like a thin person." I have started the program before, but never stuck to it past about Day 2. I  really like a lot of the ideas in the book and I've always intended to actually get through the entire thing one of these days... so, I'm starting it again! Today! I don't think it would be very interesting if I posted my daily task every single day, so I'll aim for a weekly recap. :)

I'm still struggling SO MUCH with my eating. I will buy tons of healthy food and even cook a few meals, but then I end up buying most of my meals out (which I can't really afford financially, let alone healthwise)! If I just prepared all my own food, I would feel much better. So, starting today, I am going to stick to eating my own healthy food. Hopefully the Beck Diet Solution will help with my willpower (or lack thereof).

See you soon with a Beck Diet Solution update!


Enz said...

I read this a few years ago. Theres a link on my blog for all my posts. Im looking forward to your take on it!

Anonymous said...

I would read your daily task every day! ;-) Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.