Saturday, October 2, 2010

Great week ... finally!

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks. I wanted to wait until I had some proof (for you and for myself) that I am re-committed.

For months, I've been all "action plan" this and "back on the wagon" that, but it was not leading to anything -- I pretty much just gained and gained and gained all summer.

But check this out:

That's right.

I tracked ALL WEEK. All seven days, baby. This in and of itself is a HUGE accomplishment for me.

But wait, it gets better. Not only did I track all week, but I actually STAYED WITHIN my points (exactly). It has been months, people. I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a week like this. I feel great.

In addition, I worked out three times! I'm glad my gym membership is actually getting used again. I also tried playing squash recently (for the first time), which was a lot of fun! I'm not usually into sports (due to gym class related traumas in my childhood), so this was definitely a little out of my comfort zone. Plus, I didn't suck as much as I was expecting, which was a bonus.

So, did all my hard work pay off in the meeting room this morning? I'll say! I was down 7.8 pounds to 199.4! Out of the 200's! Hopefully for good this time. :)

I think one reason I was able to stick to my points was that I did very well on the weekend (my tracking week starts on Saturday). I got through Saturday and Sunday only using 1.5 of my weekly points. Usually, I use all of my weekly points (if not more) immediately, which makes the rest of the week feel impossible. My plan is to aim for a great weekend again!

OH! I also went to that wedding, in the new dress I mentioned. I think it's rather fetching! And it has pockets! I wish my feet weren't cut off in this pic because then you could see my silver shoes.

Well, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my weekend... and by "enjoy," I mean finish marking approximately 100 math tests. Yay!


Seth said...

way to stick with it and track! and 7.8 lbs! love it!

Heather said...

AWESOME! I'm doing weight watchers too and I have to track. That's the only way it works for me. You look great!


Katie said...

Thank you so much!